• Download the app to your mobile device (mobile phone or tablet). 
  • Register with your e-mail to get an access code. The access code will be sent to your e-mail. 
  • Type in the code. 
  • Select the virtual teacher who will follow the work of your child and encourage him/her with motivational messages. 
  • Open the main menu. 
  • Click on Study Sets. The app contains two example study sets which you can choose to see how the app works. 
  • Create your own study sets. Click on + at the bottom of the screen in the Study Sets menu. Give your study set a title (e.g. English - food vocabulary). After this type in the terms and definitions you/your child want to learn. 
  • If you want you can add pictures from the search engine. (It requires internet connection.) 
  • Click on the Start Learning button and you will see all the activities the app offers. 
  • Let your first activity be Elssy Mobile. You can find many ideas how to use this activity in the blog dedicated to this activity. 
  • Have lots of fun with the activities that develop memory, concentration and speed up the process of learning. 

Elssy Team

On the menu click on Terms and Definitions. Type in the name of the group i.e. the title and in the next line start entering your questions and definitions. You can also add a picture from the search engine.
Start your learning with the activity Mobile as it has all the questions and answers you want to learn.
Yes. Just click on the two curved arrows.
Yes. Just click on the icon Play two times and the terms and definitions will go faster.
By clicking on them you can shuffle the order or terms and definitions if you want to do this activity more times.
Yes. Just click on Play and the slideshow will automatically begin.
No. The background changes randomly.
First go to the settings of the app, choose Gallery and add a photo from your device to the app gallery. After that open the activity Puzzles, click on the photo icon and select the photo.

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