How to develp speaking skills with Elssy Mobile

How to develp speaking skills with Elssy Mobile

Being able to speak is one of the most important skills for every language learner. The activity Elssy Mobile can be very practical for developing speaking skills of any foreign language especially for younger learners. Here are a few useful tips for parents, teachers and students:

1 Create a study set with the vocabulary your child needs to learn to use in spoken language. Instead of entering terms choose pictures from the search engine within the app. Start the activity in the way that the picture appears first. Let your child describe the picture in a foreign language using the target vocabulary. For example, if the students need to learn to describe people by using adjectives such as tall, short, curly hair etc., use the app search engine to find suitable photos of your child’s favourite singers or actors and when the picture appears on the screen, let them describe the person. Of course, younger kids will need their parents’ or teacher’s help. If you want this study set to function in other activities in the app, insert the main feature of the picture in the definition section. Also, before starting the speaking activity, the user should practice the target vocabulary as described in the blog with general tips on how to use Elssy Mobile.

2. Foreign language teachers often ask their students to define the words in the foreign language instead of translating them. This useful skills can be practised and developed by using Elssy Mobile. Here is how. First insert the target terms in the foreign language and the definitions which can be in the native language or in the foreign language. Start the Elssy Mobile with the terms on top of the screen and explain them in the foreign language. After some time your speaking skill will improve.

3. One of the best strategies for learning vocabulary is to learn it in context. Create a set with terms and short sentences (up to 40 characters each) instead of a definition. Go through the Elssy Mobile the usual way. Then start the activity again and before clicking on the definition, try to make your own sentence with the given term. Say the sentence out loud and if you want, you can even write it down.

4. A very frequent type of exercise in foreign language classes is completing the sentences with the missing words. Insert short sentences and leave out eg. verbs. In the definition section write the correct verb. Start Elssy Mobile and learn words in context. After going through Elssy Mobile, do more practice through other fun activities in the app. In this way students will learn words in context and their understanding of the foreign language will gradually improve.

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